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Franchising Testimonials

Llyod : Tunbridge Wells -
I knew it would be hard to start my own business but with the support of Mr Clutch I have been able to manage and develop my own business with a huge network of support. The first two years are critical to make or break in any industry but franchising has enabled me to make my dream of running a business a reality. The customer perception that Mr Clutch have has allowed me to expand my business so much that I am currently planning to relocate to a larger branch, with the ongoing support of Mr Clutch and CI (Holdings) Limited.

Alf : Wimbledon -
Initially, I considered two fast food franchises and also a motor accessories supplier, but after working in the automotive industry for ten years I felt that my passion and knowledge would aid me to maintain a strong business. With the support network Mr Clutch offer to all franchises I knew that they were the best option to invest into.

I have been running my franchise for over seven years now, after previously working for Kwik Fit, I recognised and loved the Mr Clutch company concept. Buying a franchise appeared to be a great opportunity; one of the main benefits is the fantastic customer perception of Mr Clutch, when someone has a car problem they see a Mr Clutch and know that the service will be exceptional. Our sales have been growing year on year and with the support of Mr Clutch I have no doubt that this will continue in the future.

Lee : Bromley –
Mr Clutch have given me a doorway to success, because of the ongoing support, my team and branch is always expanding, allowing us fantastic growth potential that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve so quickly on my own.

Feroz : Acton -
I had worked for Mr Clutch for a number of years before I invested in a franchise of my own. Franchising is a fantastic opportunity and has enabled me to maximise my earning potential. I have received endless support in all areas of business, from marketing to finances. Being a Mr Clutch means I am able to develop my business, in my own way, with an irreplaceable network behind me.